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April 2013

The Three Cools

So what’s this then you ask. Well, back in the days Asia wasn’t much on our list. What’s there anyway? A bunch of tourist traps, too popular to my taste, Japan and all that stuff dunnow. India was very much to my liking as its plenty big to get lost in adventure. So the usual destinations were like Europe, North Africa, South & North America even Australia.

It took a bit of a stumbling to end up in Northeast Asia and whoa. For instance Japan really blew my head off. I guess after all that travel, age has something to do with it too.. while it’s an extremely comfortable and convenient country, it is also very unique and special. So you have the convenience and adventure factor combined in an incredible twist.. something that just doesn’t exist anywhere else. Korea has a different twist with a similar style and as for China, it’s not that easy but hey, it’s the Asian land of opportunities. Plus money goes a long way in the republic, buying that comfort is always an option not far from reach.

To conclude, this homepage is dedicated to the coolness of these three places in the world that are very in interesting in these times of change. I and the rest of the munchie bunch will move our lazy asses and let you know about why it’s so freaking cool to be here.