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September 2013

Things That Make China Special

All the three cools are very special countries, at least on my list of importance. Therefore it would be very difficult to put those countries into an order of importance, so I will just go through them one by one featuring some of the great and even some not that great things I know about these places.

Of all the three, China must be the place that is best for foreigners on the general scale. Mainly because people are extremely open and easy to understand once you understand the rules, especially in the capital of Beijing. Questioning these rules however might be a challenge but accepting them can be a slow process and accepted as such. So there is no need to worry about making mistakes as the local people will be more than happy to help you to understand the “chinese way”. In the end it is not difficult at all since people most of the time talk in a straight forward manner.

Talk however is done predominantly in Chinese and therefore can bring challenges but straightforward ones. Usually the biggest complained amongst foreigners is not learning the language but difficulties speaking it. This is because of the tones that are extremely important for understanding the spoken language. Even the smallest mistake can not only make a word misunderstood but break the fluency of a sentence in such a way that the recipent will simply close up and refuse to understand anything at all.

Once this stage is overcome the feeling is absolutely magnificent and you are ready to not just order food from the restaurant but to engage in communication with people. While one has not yet mastered such skills it is advice to hire a tour guide, for example this beijing private tour guide offers tailored services that fits any and all everyday needs. For instance going to the hospital, opening up a bank account, renting out an appartment etc. All these are better done without a mistake! Included in the service is not only intrepertation but advise as well. Hence ‘understanding the rules’.

As a side note, the company in question ‘May Tours’ has great offers on discounted theatre tickets in and around Beijing venues. The special thing about China that the culture is all about barganing, so when you though something was cheap enough it can be even more cheap!

A city rich in culture such as the capital is full of extremely attractive venues suitable for everyone. Dispite new venues rarely sourfacing there the old ones are so many and amazing that they should be enough for quite a few years. One such venues if the Chaoyang Theatre where May Tours is offering their ticket booking service as well. It is known as the most ancient and well preserved acrobatic performance in Beijing, with a history deep into the times before communism.

These and many more venues have indeed survived the growing trend of the embracing the new without preserving the old. Peking Opera is another spectacle that is highly recommended!