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October 2013

Beautiful Women of Chinese Opera

Getting to Grips With Chinese Culture

Absolute one of the best ways of becoming friends with The Republic Of China is to get to know it’s culture and people. There are a lot of negative views towards the country but this is often due to a lack of real knowledge.

Every country has it’s good and bad sides and if you put enough effort into getting to know the things you like about the country, negative views will naturally subside.. even though this may sometimes seem difficult, we believe it’s simply a matter of personal choice.

Beauty in Chinese Opera

One such interesting example is opera. The women are so stunningly beautiful and the make up so striking that it made me fall in love with China in an instant. In fact this was one of the main doorways to my fascination with the country. Without it I would still be with my negative thoughts about the country, while now I am so overwhelmed by the art that it’s hard for me to accept the negativity of which some is absolutely correct. The situation has gotten as far as being accused by my friends of over protecting the countries image.

Nevertheless, Chinese Opera or any other Chinese performing art can spark your interest. Therefore for your enjoyment I have collected some of the most beautiful images of Women in opera. All of the images are from Peking Opera, of which the majority are shot at the renowned Liyuan Theatre stage in Beijing. You can find more information here.

Opera Beauties

Please enjoy.

Beijing Opera Women Beijing Opera Women Beijing Opera Women Beijing Opera Women Beijing Opera Women

To go and witness the beauty with your own eyes, we recommend heading your way to Beijing and checking out some of the popular theaters there. Till next time..!

Trust in Japan

Ever since I stepped into this unique and wonderful island, I was completely swept away by it’s people. Despite the country having such rich landmarks, beautiful temples, vast nature and mountain ranges.. nothing beats the fact that the people living on this island are very unique compared to the rest of the world.

At a plain sight people seem extremely kind or if you are condicioned by western ideology, often this is seen as a weakness or a way of unconfidence. Obviously just like any country, Japan has it’s weaknesses.. but the beauty that is there is something that many other countries could learn a lot from if they would give Japan the attention they deserve.

The basic premise is that the Japanese people trust each other. The level of trust is not simply close family or friends, but extends to total strangers, people passing you on the street for example. There is often no need to lock the bicycle however.. especially after the fukushima incident the trust towards the government has increasingly declined. It has become evident that this trust has also had very negative effects, that the people have had to suffer from.

The government has not cared about the people, as much as the people have cared about themselves. This createst a big dilemma within the minds of the Japanese people. While things are changing rappidly, it is amazing how strongly the Japanese mind is stilling trying not to loose faith for anything else than the government.