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September 2015

Cool VPN & Smart DNS Proxy Tech: Vital in China!

If you have ever been to China and used the internet, most likely you have noticed that a lot of web sites are blocked. Including and certainly not limited to websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google and many many more. That’s why I wanted to clear the confusion about Smart DNS Proxies, as well as VPN services that are widely used within the country to circumvent these blocks that are really not cool. But what’s triple cool, is that there is a way out and in the midst of all the confusion and the government trying to block these methods.. the Smart DNS Proxy method has surfaced. So as ordered from a loyal reader of mine, he is the introduction to the Great Firewall jumping technology.

Unblock Websites with Smart DNS Proxy

And before I forget! If you are in China, or planning to live or travel there. My personal recommendation is service I have used for many years while others remain to struggle with more traditional VPN methods. You will need a Smart DNS Proxy Discount to get you started and enjoy the freedom that the internet, ehm, should bring! =) Enjoy.

Difference between Smart DNS Proxies and VPN

Understanding DNS

Domain Name System (DNS) is smart & essential to the internet’s working and is in charge of giving Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. This is a standard innovation to assist you with keeping up the site names and other internet domains. These domain names are recorded one after another in order and in one of a kind IP address seems every time a name is inputted into the DNS server.

It is not remarkable to have a few pursuits in a solitary day and one “not as much as” perfect server can hamper work stream within the association. Pace is one of the essential reasons why DNS should be made with consideration. One of the key advantages of DNS is consistency which permits the server names to stay consistent even if there should be an occurrence of IP address change. Altogether, oversaw DNS security is basic to guarantee that this functionality is not prevented at all.

DNS was made before the security disadvantages of the internet were clear. As the internet’s scope spread further, the need for security got to be evident. DNS answers for giving security spread out in setting of DNS host, query/response as well as transactions.

DNS Security Extensions or DNSSEC aids to add security to the Domain Name System. One of the principle elements of these augmentations is to ensure against satirising and debasement of information.

While the internet was in its outset, the few DNS clients got consultation from their system suppliers which was satisfactory for smooth operation. However as the internet’s effort developed, the errand of discovering devoted experts to oversee DNS turned into an exhausting undertaking. This can undoubtedly be handled by having an overseen DNS administration to help you with your server. This administration is a blend of abilities, equipment, software and network stuffed together to help you with errands like: arranging your DNS structural planning, system procurements, choice of equipment, upkeep and approval of information. By utilising a diehard loyalty, the customer can have a more productive and streamlined administration of DNS.

Having a proficient DNS machine is significant for your association to assist you with monitoring your DNS records routinely and along these lines stay away from any issues that may happen which will cut down general efficiency. Smart DNS Proxy server setup should be possible on a few frameworks, for example, UNIX. It is imperative to locate the perfect answer for your association’s requirements. A decent administration will furnish you with dependability and quality for your cash. Online exploration is an extraordinary approach to discover an association that is both reliable and eminent.

Understanding VPN

What is a VPN?

A Virtual Private Network or a VPN alludes to various PCs associated utilising a public infrastructure like the Internet. For illustration purposes, envision this: you are in the US and you have to go to China, Japan, and South Korea for a meeting. You have to venture out via plane to do that. Imagine the US as your PC, South Korea, Japan, and China as your association’s network locations, the meeting as the task you have to do, and taking the plane as the Internet. VPN comes in when you endeavour to set up an association between your PC and your association’s network by utilising a secured channel found inside of the Internet (the medium).

How Does VPN Work?

A worker falls into any of these classes: telecommute, office work, and field work. In these sorts, representatives will constantly need to get to the organisation network so they can work. At the point when an organisation uses a VPN, a worker will just do one thing: begin a point-to-point association with a remote server on the web. At the back-end, the remote access server reacts by distinguishing the worker. Once distinguished, the VPN supplier opens the portal to the organisation’s private network. The worker can then begin working.

Why Consider a VPN?

Conventional WANs were utilised by organisations through rented lines. These lines permitted them to share data crosswise over servers without the danger of security ruptures. Yet, now that security elements have turned into the sign of driving the opposition, VPN suppliers offer open doors for organisations to save money on expenses in light of the fact that the channel of network correspondence should be possible through a public network. The need to rent is wiped out and out without gambling functionality, security, reach, profitability and support.

What Makes a Good VPN Service?

Security: Common terms that identify with security are SSL, TSL, L2TP, PPTP, and IPSec. Realise that these give a safe association with information sharing on the web. Be that as it may, what constitutes as the best VPN service under this variable includes information encryption. Organisations that create turn-key items that scramble data sent over a VPN are better. In addition, picking an organisation that additionally gives hostile to spyware or against malware elements are the best.

Which technology is better?

Both are incredible, contingent upon how you expect to utilise it. For instance, when you are at home, you will need to setup Smart DNS proxy on your home router so that every one of your gadgets associated with your home router are conceded access. Not at all like VPN, DNS does not endure speed penalties and you will reliably get HD videos (based on the speed of your broadband). Probably the biggest advantage to DNS over VPN in China is that the latter is being heavily targeted and block attempts are ongoing.

When you are driving, a VPN is obliged to associate with your most loved site/applications (by means of 3G/4G). Your VPN association permits an included advantage of scrambling your association. PS. Don’t forget to grab the smart discount!

Cool Shopping in Japan: Shopping Districts to Online Amazon

Japan is every shopper’s dream destination. It’s numerous and varied stores have everything on offer, from tasty local dishes and traditional trinkets to the most chic brands and high-tech gadgets. Tourists will come across both local and foreign brands as well as goods that cater to every budget and taste, such as department stores, 100 yen shops, and opulent boutiques. As well as the online Amazon Japan store, but more about that later!

Amazon Japan

Shopping experience in Japan

Shopping in Japan is generally fun. The sales people are usually attentive, courteous, and welcoming. Customer service is of the highest level and the focus of all establishments. In fact, when you enter a store, you will usually be greeted with the word ‘irasshaimase’ which means ‘welcome and please come in.’ Customers do not need to respond to the greeting. The staff usually do not speak in foreign languages, but some shops that cater to tourists may speak English and other foreign languages.

Most shops are generally open from 10 am to 8 pm. Large shops like department stores may be open on all days, including national holidays except Jan 1, while independently owned stores may close once a month/week. Payment is usually accepted via cash, wherein customers need to place the bills, neatly opened and stacked, onto a tray. The cashier then takes the money and returns the change in the same manner. Credit cards are usually accepted at big retail stores, etc. while Travelers checks are not widely accepted. Bargaining is looked down upon and not common.

All items have a consumption tax which is listed along with the original price in the bill. Foreign tourists can enjoy tax free shopping in certain stores provided a purchase of over 10,000 yen is made at the store on a single day. Consumption tax is also not charged if tourists purchase consumable goods worth over 5000 yen. All these goods cannot be opened till after leaving the country. Passport is needed to make such tax free purchase.

Online Shopping in Amazon Japan in English

One of the most favourite places to shop online in Japan include Amazon Store and Rakuten. Both of which are equally huge, however Amazon is often favoured because it’s easier to use and well known. From the two, the latter is recommended. Best of all, those who don’t have the fortunate opportunity to actually visit Japan can do their shopping online from anywhere in the world. With affordable international shipping and customer service in English it can be very useful for those abroad, or even in cases where you forgot to buy something.

The only slight problem being that the website does not have a fully supported English version, which is why you have to follow these simple steps on the “Amazon Japan English” instructional article. With the right kind of browser add-on or just by using Google Chrome you can easily browse the big collection of Japanese goods from the comforts of your own home, wherever that is! But if you are planning your trip to this wonderful island, read on to find out physical locations for great shopping destinations!

Places to shop in Japan

Big cities such as Osaka and Tokyo have numerous distinctive shopping districts that are usually located near the major railway stations. Wide-ranging underground malls, shopping arcades, shopping centers, electronic stores, and convenience stores are other great places to shop. Shopping localities outside such city centers include flea markets, public markets, outlet malls, big box retailers, and suburban shopping malls. Even the approaches to popular temples and shrines are lined with restaurants and stores that cater to the specific needs of the tourists and pilgrims. Other cities with grand shopping experiences include Yokohama, Kyoto, Kobe, and Fukuoka.

  • Tokyo:Shinjuku is one the biggest entertainment and shopping districts in Tokyo. It has flagship stores of varied companies, many famous department stores, large electronics retail outlets, underground shopping arcades, and boutiques. Shibuya is another shopping paradise that is famous as the center of youth fashion.
  • Osaka:Located near Umeda station and around the massive Osaka Station City complex, Umeda is one of the biggest shopping neighborhoods in the country. Its bustling shopping streets are a revelation.
  • Kyoto:Shopping at Shijo Street involves an eclectic mix of the traditional and the modern. You will comes across upscale high-end fashion stores and department stores as well as shopping arcades, Nishiki Market, and small shops that sell specialty crafts and foods.

Hope this article was helpful and that you enjoy shopping, either on your vacations in Japan or online through! Have fun everyone.