A New Drum Show in Beijing

Beijing Drum Show

We are most happy to announce that we have discovered something new and exiting from the show-front in China. As many of us know, especially us.. you cannot just go to see any show in Beijing or any other of the big cities. Because some are just no good, or some are only for very specific tastes. While we have been extremely happy with some of the shows here, overall the entertainment industry is not the easiest bite to grab!

But we can say happily the this new drum show in Beijing, known as the Millennium Drum or “Millennials Melody of Drum Music” as was badly translated by the Chinese media is definitely worth it. It has it all, based on Chinese tradition.. performing arts doesn’t get more exiting than this. The pace is fast and makes your heart pound. Leaving you with a high from it, for days.

The troupe that performs at Chaoyang Theatre was founded in 1988. So you know you are watching professionals in action. The name Jiangzhou is the ancient name of the city of Shanxi where this type of traditional Chinese drumming originates from. As the history dates back let’s say somewhere after D.A, you can imagine that there are quite a few styles to it as well.

At this prominent Beijing theatre however, they have focused on fast pace and action. In other words it is guaranteed to not bore anyone. The show is still fresh and a new venue so grab some popcorn and try to see if you can eat it during the show! Or might be a bad idea 🙂

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