A Welcome From The Land of Contradictions

Yes.. once again it’s the topic of China. Which is probably the most contradictive of the three. I mean, Japan and Korea have their contradiction too of course. A mix of modern with Tradition. Technological achivements, skyscrapers in the midst of traditional wooden buildings. That’s the contradiction we all well know.

But in China it’s something totally different.. since there are hardly any old structures or historical things in comparison. New destroyes the old, they don’t walk hand in hand. The contradiction in China is more emotional.. the infrastructure is still in babies hands (once again in comparison), no matter how many sky scrapers they build they are not able to clean the shitty street next to it.. that’s where I set the mark when they have reached a certain height in evolution..

Going back to the contradiction, emotionaly it’s something that lives in side you. You hate it, and you love it. At the same time. Most probably you hate it so much because you love it so much. It’s not easy, yet you feel free and comfortable when it works out for you.

Some of unfortunate, some or fortunate.. you can find everything from the country when you look at people. And especially when you look at yourself.

Ultimately I would say that China is a journey inside your own self. Everytime you are pissed off at the Chinese or the structure of their society.. take a moment to breathe and look at yourself. This pause can teach you a lot about yourself. Welcome to China!

Guan Dei

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