Beijing is Just Cool

I found another great resource for Beijing nightlife goodness, it seems like a sister with the Shanghai version. Known as Show Beijing, this night show guide looks like a neat addition to the family.

For nightlife Beijing is a pretty interesting place because all the best stuff is underground. Also the government likes to keep parties a bit smaller, which is good for us. We love more intimate and friendly parties anyway. Ok, I’ll admit some of the shows are pretty crap but.. wait for the but!

Usually the most popular ones are rubbish.. the ones that are in small smelly theaters.. I think they are the ones to look out for. You get the original atmosphere, without any “special effects”. Just extreme skill shown my people who hardly get paid. Well the money issue is not something I think is good or something. But without a doubt it’s the way it goes in the country.

Once someone gets paid a lot then the quality goes down. Then you just run after the money instead of doing something with a passion. A lot of the shows in Beijing have seen this curve when they got famous. Stay away from the guidebooks and experience the real atmosphere of the city.

That’s why I’m happy to see another site that goes into detail to review these things, with authenticity. Creativity is blooming, just you need to accept that China is not a western country that’s all! 🙂

Mark Wall

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