Sweaty Korean Sauna: Jjimjilbang

I’m a big fan of Sauna’s which is why I was more then exited to try out the traditional Korean version.. known as Jjimjilbang (찜질방). Before I went there I knew little of it.. except that recently it has become also popular in Japan.


Turns out this is more like sitting on warm stoned instead of a full power Sauna experience. However the biggest surprise was that these Saunas are uni-sex with both women and men together.. while wearing clothes.

Hearing the “clothing” aspect of the Sauna didn’t sound quite exiting.. and indeed I was struggling with the “not so pleasant” sensation of wearing sweat soaked clothes throughout the whole experience. Unfortunately but better late than never it was explain to me, that the clothes enable you to see “bad parts” of your body. These parts will produce more sweat than others and help you to identify specific problems.

My body might have a lot of problems because I felt like the sweat was simply everywhere. I was very happy to remove the clothes are this 30 minutes of lying down on stones. Despite this issue.. the Sauna was very pleasant and I liked that fact that you lie down instead of a normal Sauna where you mostly have to sit up. This made it very pleasant and I almost fell asleep. Just remember to take a cold shower afterwords!

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