The Tang Dynasty in China at Palace in Xian

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In another peak, this time beyond the republic. While almost everyone has at least heard of the Tang Dynasty, not everyone knows much about it. Of course, it is a very important era in the history of China.. way before the republic. We are talking about 618-907 AD here. It’s the imperial times of China.. and before Tang there was five of them. But this dynasty was special, as it was a very high and important point in the Chinese civilisation!

It’s heart was at the most populous city back then, Xian. Now a popular touristic attraction, and a beginning of the legendary silk road. Besides Beijing & Shanghai it’s one of the most visited cities in the whole country by not just western visitors, but Chinese who think of it as a “must thing to do” at least once in a lifetime.

One of the best and most entertaining ways, is to head to the Tang Dynasty Palace which is located right at the heart. Not just the city of Xian, but also the heart of the people that live there. The palace is a host for a stunning show that depicts this brilliant era in history. All with ancient musical instruments, dance and singing. The performance in question, is about as traditional as theatre can get nowadays in China. Thus bringing not just a unique experience but also an unforgettable one for those who are interested in Chinese culture.

Check out the music and dance Show (仿唐乐舞表演) at the address: No.75, North Chang’an Road, Xian. They also have metro access so it’s easy to find at Nanshao Gate Station (Should be on Line 2). We promise you that this is the most cool way to get to know about the Tang Dynasty, which is extremely important to know.. in order to understand more about why we all are here in this world the way we are.

Fascinating stuff & highly recommended!

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