What’s The Show At The Buzzing City of Shanghai

Undoubtedly, if you want to see a buzzing city with huge skyscrapers and exiting nightlife. In the world one city in China stands out from the rest in a truly spectacular fashion. We teamed up with Show Shanghai to discover some of the highlights the city has to offer.


While during the day tourists are on the move, there is another kind of movement that can only seen the light of dawn. If you have the time and energy, one of the most fun things to do is to simply go around with cheap taxies to restaurants and clubs.. eat well, drink well and party even better!

We started off the night by catching the show at Shanghai Centre Theatre which shows off the acrobatic might of China. This worked up well enough to bring our mood into the heights of the surrounding skyscraper landscape.


There is lot to eat and drink.. Shanghai is famous for soups and dipping dumplings in them. This is a light-enough a bit Hong Kongese flavored style to eat a lot without getting stuffed and leaving room for the drinks. My favorite, Chinese alcohol no matter what the brand.. and wash it off with good old Tsingtao beer.

Catch up on some of the local nonsense with fellow diners and grab a few chilies before you centre off to some clubbing.

While the restaurant life might be irresponsible and an intuitive beast. The clubbing is not that of an easy ask.. sure the city is filled with clubs, but you better check out a good venue in advance and plan a bit. Perhaps even buy the tickets in advance. I know it’s a bit of a bore, but random clubs in this city just don’t give you the kicks if you know what I mean.


Well the rest his history. You can catch a early morning sleep at the capsule hotel recently opened in Shanghai. It’s well suited for the whole, masculine portion of our nightlife crew!

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