Which is the Most Fun: China, Korea or Japan

I know there is no ultimate answer for this question, but it’s interesting to compared the three cools and see which one beats the other one in certain areas. Such as this little analysis on the concept of “fun”, between the three countries. And to start with, I have had so much fun in all of the three countries that it’s just nothing I can compare with western countries for example. Of course, there you could have an argument too but for me personally.. Asia is definitely the coolest way to go! As has probably become quite evident from my blog so far. Therefore I am shifting thoughts of cool to thoughts of fun, which the three are all about.

Fireworks in China

Anyway there can never really be a winner in this competition but I would say that depending on the person any one of the three could be just as amazing. But looking at the general picture, of general people, toursits, visitors and so on… China is definitely the hardest country. With the most chaotic environment, along with pollution and that so few people speak English for example. Dirty streets is definitely something not every ordinary person will swallow that easily.

Coming to Japan the first thing you will notice that everything is incredibly organised and clean. It’s a really comfortable situation as you don’t really need to worry about anything. South Korea on the other hand, is from somewhere in the middle. Unfortunately Koreans do not clean the shit of dogs from the street when they walk out, but luckily they have all the modern infustructure and systems to clean all the streats posh clean.

But all that comfort in China can be replaced with money. In Korea also. In Japan you cannot just pay people to do what ever you want. Or it might be too expensive. That’s why I would say that China and Korea are the most fun places if are into adventure and want to feel what it’s like to spend money without worrying about it. If however, you are in Japan you will have some restrictions.. which come with super fun and ultimate comfort!

At the end of the day, it’s just a take your pick situation! =)

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